internet connection down during political rally

Internet connections were reportedly down Saturday, October 19, 2019.

While no official explanation was provided for the reasons of poor connectivity, civil society activists say authorities cut off the internet connection on purpose to prevent political activists and participants of the opposition rally to share and report updates from the unsanctioned political rally organized in the capital of Baku on October 19.

The rally took place in multiple locations across downtown Baku, as a result, users reported connectivity problems throughout the day, across the center of Baku.

According to reports, in addition to mobile internet connection not working, some landlines and wifi connections across the downtown area were reportedly down.

Elesger Ahmedoglu, a media law expert, wrote on his Facebook, the situation was akin to an emergency. “Mobile operators and internet providers caused damage worth in millions by cutting off mobile internet for hours on end, both to the business owners and public. This is a serious violation of rights and anyone affected, must appeal to courts,” wrote law expert.