in Azerbaijan a COVID tracing app draws much suspicion over privacy issues [updated]

In July, authorities in Azerbaijan released it’s very own COVID tracing tracker application. Launched by Tebib (Azerbaijan Administration of Regional Medical Division) the app was quick to draw attention, especially over its privacy issues.  e-Tebib is just one of the deluge of apps that have been unveiled in recent months by various governments, promising to […]


the “man” behind the phishing attacks

On January 14, Azerbaijan Internet Watch reported a mass phishing attack that lasted for about a week. At the time of the report, it was possible to identify that the attacks were coming from an IP registered to the Ministry of the Interior. Almost a month later, the Qurium media foundation continues its investigation into […]


how websites are blocked in Azerbaijan [updated May 15]

On 10 March 2017, a bill of amendments to the laws on “Information, Informatisation and Protection of Information” and “Telecommunications” was put up for discussion at a plenary meeting of Milli Meclis (Parliament) and was unanimously adopted. Here is a breakdown of what these new amendments mean: New Article 13-1 of the law “on telecommunication” […]


mass phishing attack against Azerbaijan civil society [updated]

On January 6, veteran human rights lawyer Intigam Aliyev received an email from another human rights lawyer Rasul Jafarov. Aliyev, spotted something was not right and forwarded the email he received to Javarov’s real email.  This is not the first time, Jafarov is targeted. In 2017, the case was captured in detail by Amnesty International.  […]

More remains blocked

On December 24, 2019, the administrative-economic court in Baku rejected the claim by against Transportation, Communication and High Technologies ministry. took the ministry to court following its decision to block inside the country.


Azerbaijan using FindFace technology (Qurium Forensics)

On December 4, Qurium released a report documenting how Azerbaijan may have been using FindFace technology. In its analysis, Qurium was able to identify that a server in Azertelecom – backbone internet provider – runs Find Face version 4.0.2.


News website blocked in Azerbaijan (Qurium Forensics)

According to a forensic report released by Qurium on December 10, – an opposition website in Azerbaijan – it was possible to conclude that the website was blocked by means of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).