social media activist arrested [updated June 22]


[Update] On June 17, Irshadov was reportedly detained over a social media post. According to Meydan TV, the blogger was detained for criticizing a new quarantine rule restricting the reopening of some mosques that was introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers. Irshadov was released after a preventative discussion, reported Meydan TV.

May 18, activist Elvin Irshadov, known online as “Umari Ali” was reportedly arrested in the city of Lenkoran. A court in Lenkoran sentenced Irshadov to 16days in administrative detention on charges of disobeying police orders on May 19.

Irshadov is known for his critical posts online and has been previously warned by city police over his online activism. In one of his recent social media posts, Irshadov criticized authorities over the recent dismissals of city administrative officials calling it a political cover-up.

Irshadov, is not the first activist targeted for online activism. In recent weeks, scores of activists were targeted by authorities across the country.

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