several Facebook pages compromised


On March 2, several Facebook pages affiliated with an online news website were hacked. According to the editor of Naila Balayeva the hacking came shortly after published two different stories, on February 27 and then on March 5.  The editor was able to identify the identity of the hacker, who explicitly threatened to do worst things [to the journalist and her colleagues’] unless Balayeva complies with his demands, which were, to fire several of her colleagues. According to Balayeva the man attempted to take over the editor’s personal Facebook profile too however failed, given she had two-step-verification set up.

The man, since then, has removed [deleted] messages and comments he has left on the personal profile of Balayeva and in the correspondence with other staff members.

And although the pages were successfully returned to the original administrators, and the access to Balayeva’s Facebook profile has also restored the man behind the attack, remains active online.

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