police briefly detains a member of an opposition party over social media posts


Police in Baku detained a member of the opposition Popular Front party over social media posts according to reporting by Turan News Agency. Emin Akhundov was taken from his home on October 31 wrote Akhundov’s father on his Facebook. “Extraordinary things are happening in our country. Yesterday evening at around 19.30, two people from the Absheron district police department came to us, looking for my son (Emin Akhundov). I asked what was going on, and they said it was a minor issue, and that my son would be back home shortly.” Emin Akhundov was let go the next day according to members’ statements shared on Facebook. 

It was not immediately clear what post or posts were the cause for Akhundov’s arrest. In a Facebook post, Emin Akhudnov shared shortly after his release, the activist did not share any additional information only that he was released and that he will continue his activism. Other members of the Popular Front Party took Akhundov’s detention as continued pressure against the party, especially in light of the recently organized protest in the capital Baku. 


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