opposition movement facebook page hacked


Opposition movement D18 reported it’s Facebook page was hacked by unknown perpetrators. While the administrators realized they were no longer in control of the page, they were unable to prevent the loss in the number of page likes. 

In just twenty minutes, the group lost over 7000 likes. 

To avoid, further intrusion, the administrators of the page deactivated the page while trying to strengthen the security of the page. 

The same day, one of the founders of the movement, Ruslan Izzetli, reported his personal Facebook page, being hacked. While, Izzetli was able to return his page, it was while the page was taken over, that the D18 page was hacked. Izzetli and other members of D18 movement believe the attack was targeted and was the result of a recent Facebook post the group shared on their page, calling on the current Minister of Internal Affairs, Vilayet Eyvazov’s resignation. 

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