Civil society activist missing in Azerbaijan [Update March 30]


Imran Aliyev, a civil society activist, and founder of, a parliament watchdog group, went reportedly missing on March 29, 2022.

Aliyev is also a digital security consultant and valuable partner of Azerbaijan Internet Watch. In Azerbaijan, Aliyev has worked with local non-governmental organizations since 2008. He has done numerous digital security workshops with local civil society groups. Aliyev is also the founder of the Check Security project that offers support on all things digital security to activists and civil society. 

His whereabouts remain unknown at the time of writing this story. His friends have been unable to get hold of him since 14:00pm Baku time. 

Friends suspect Aliyev was detained, but it’s not been possible to confirm his whereabouts. After leaving his home earlier today, Aliyev went missing according to friends who have shared the news on social media. 

According to lawyer Elchin Sadigov, Aliyev was taken to the Office for Combating Organized Crime.

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