Beating and administrative detention for a TikTok video


A resident of Gushchu village of Shamakhi administrative district in Azerbaijan was taken to the police, beaten, and handed ten-day administrative detention after posting a TikTok video, according to Meydan TV. 

In an interview with Meydan TV, Akif Niftaliyev said he mentioned the local police officers, coming in for a raid and collecting bribes. “I got a phone call after posting the video on TikTok and a man on the phone told me he was looking for a mason. When the man arrived he was accompanied by two other men. I got into the car and realized they were taking me to the police station. Once at the station, police beat me.” Niftaliyev was given ten-day administrative detention the following day on the grounds of resisting police. The video was posted in August, since then, Niftaliyev’s attempts to find justice and hold officers to account proved futile.

Previously, AIW documented the story of Elshan Teymuro who too was arrested following a TikTok video, and sentenced to two months in administrative detention on drug possession charges and disobeying police.

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