Authorities arrest blogger despite lack of evidence


Blogger Jamil Mammadli is facing multiple charges including fraud, hooliganism, and extortion, and has been placed in administrative detention pending investigation according to reports by local media.

The allegations leveled against the blogger claim that Mammadli allegedly influenced the participants of the trial and spread insulting posts about them on social networks. 

As such, according to the blogger’s lawyer, Fariz Namazli, the State Prosecutor and the plaintiffs claim Mammadli, allegedly obstructed the “legality” of the trial. Yet, the blogger’s defense, after reviewing Mammadli’s social media posts, has come to the conclusion that the blogger’s posts were not relevant to the trial. Moreover, the State Prosecutor failed to provide any substantial evidence proving that the blogger was involved in any kind of influence over the participants of the trial. 

Lawyer Namazli views the case as an attempt to restrict the blogger’s freedom of expression. 

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