authorities arrest another government critic


Famil Khalilov, 34, is Azerbaijani civic activist who was arrested on May 2, 2024. Khalilov was extradited from Sweden in 2023 and since then, lived in Azerbaijan together with his wife and three children. The activist suffers from cerebral palsy and is officially classified with a first degree disability. Authorities however accuse the activist of drug trafficking, the allegation the activist, his lawyer and spouse refute. 

If convicted, Khaliov could face anywhere from five to twelve years behind bars. 

Khalilov often criticized the state on social media.

Authorities in Azerbaijan often resort to offline punitive measures against online critics. 

On May 6, Khalilov’s lawyer Bahruz Bayramov said, the activist was transferred to a medical unit at the detention facility due to deterioration of Khalilov’s health.  

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