a poet gets questioned over a poem dedicated to the first lady


After posting a poem dedicated to the first lady of Azerbaijan on the occasion of her birthday, the poet, Ibrahim Khudai was called into questioning. Shortly before his visit he removed the poem from the social media platform Facebook according to reports. 

According to Khudai statements to the media, he was called in not for the poem but over a dispute he has had with his landlord. “I met with the colonel Nazar Asgarov. No one forced me to delete the poem. But the police officer did tell me, it wold be better if there were no such poems written. Even though I did not delete it because of that, I was still influenced by what he said. I am feeling fine. Bless, Nazar Asgarov. There was no violence used against me,” Khuadi told Toplum TV in an interview.

The poet’s statements to media changed ever so slightly. In another interview he said he removed the poem before he went to the police station where he was invited to talk about the landlord. “I had a problem [that needed solving], so I decided it was not appropriate to have the poem,” Khudai told Meydan TV. 

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